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Agile performance management service developed from ISPark’s accumulated experience and technology, supporting activity (task) management, goal management, and personnel evaluation (performance evaluation, competency/360-degree evaluation), based on immediate feedback. Stable and high-quality solution with widely-used technologies, including the KISA SaaS Security Certification, NIPA Cloud Computing Service Quality/Performance Certification, and the latest eGovernment Standard Framework.

Agile performance management service

Integrated work management service composed of modules for activity (task), organization goal (performance) personal goal, personal performance evaluation, personal competency evaluation, and evaluation consolidation, providing outstanding work productivity and extensibility.

Operation Environment

  • Naver Cloud Platform (NCP) operation environment
  • Guaranteed security and stability by applying DBMS operated by NCP
  • Supports the latest and multi-browsers by complying with Web standards and Web compatibility


  • Acquired the KISA CSAP certification
  • Verified NIPA Cloudcomputing Quality of Service Check
  • Complies with Web standards/Web compatibility
  • DBMS operation and backup service by NCP

Best Features

  • Activity (Task) Management

    Establish activity (task) plans and input performance, give frequent feedback on registered performances (managers, collaborators, sharers)

  • Personal Goal Management

    Setting personal goals and individual development plan (IDP) goals. And link goals with activities (tasks) and conduct personal/manager review

  • Personal Competency Evaluation

    Manage list of competences, evaluation criteria, evaluation ratee, personal competency goals, and approval procedures; Monitor competency evaluations (360-degree evaluations) and evaluation results

  • Group Goal (Performance) Management

    Strategically manage tactic goal and key performance index (KPI); Conduct top-down analysis on performance dashboard and current status for goal/performance management and strategical analysis of performance

  • Personal Performance Evaluation

    Manage personal key performance indicator for personal achievements; Conduct interim revisions, such as discussions on performance, through coaching features; Monitor integrated performance results

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Benefits of Applying the Solution

  • Internalizing a
    Culture of Right
    • Share activities and goals and strengthen communication on performance to build teamwork among workmates
    • Immediate activity management and 360-degree feedback for an frequent performance management system
    • Focusing on performance improvement through “Right Feedback”
  • Receptivity
    of Enhancement
    of Personnel Evaluation
    • Expand communication opportunities through immediate work management by providing frequent feedback and goal management
    • Ability to reflect the activity process in personnel evaluation through activity (task) performance and feedback records
    • From a result-centered to result-and-process-centered personnel evaluation
  • Establishment of
    an Integrated
    Working Environment
    • Establishment of an integrated working environment with reasonable logistics from activity management with immediate feedback and goal management to personnel evaluation
    • Enhanced agile actions for accomplishing organization and personal goals
    • Automated and integrated Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA) work cycle
    • Flexible response to environment changes, such as working from home, by establishing a digital integrated working environment