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Composition of StrategyGATE

  • Activity
    1. 1 Provides personal activity (task) dashboard (Kanban, list)
    2. 2 Activity (task) planning and performance
    3. 3 frequent multi-faceted feedback on performance management
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  • Personal Goal
    1. 1 Management of duty and individual development plan (IDP) goals
    2. 2 Comparing goal and activity (task)
    3. 3 Mid-term and final review
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  • Organization Goal (Performance)
    1. 1 Strategic goal, key performance indicator, goal and performance management
    2. 2 Quantitative (immeasurable) index evaluation feature
    3. 3 Performance monitoring (specialized modules including Organization Performance Indicator and Strategy Map)
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  • Personal Performance Evaluation
    1. 1 Input personal key performance indicator
    2. 2 Input goal by key performance indicator and performance records
    3. 3 Input interim revision and coaching
    4. 4 Self/superior evaluation, calculation of evaluation results
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  • Personal Competency Evaluation
    1. 1 Management of list of competencies
    2. 2 360-degree evaluation (supervisor/peer/subordinate)
    3. 3 Calculation of evaluation results
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StrategyGATE Applied Technology

StrategyGATE (agile performance management) is a stable and high-quality service that has acquired the KISA Cloud service(SaaS) security certificate and the NIPA cloud service quality and performance certificate.

Cloud Service (SaaS)
Security Certification
  • Korea’s first performance management software provider that acquired the Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP) Certificate issued by Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
  • Acquired security certification for 30 items in 11 fields
Cloud Computing Quality
of Service Certificate
  • Acquisition of the cloudcomputing quality of service certificate issued by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)
  • Quality assurance: Korea Association of Cloud Industry (KACI)
  • Performance assurance: Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA)
  • Issue no.: NIPA-CQ-19-006-R
Web Standard and Web Compatibility
Guideline Satisfaction
  • Diagnosis of standard HTML and CSS structure utilizing the W3C standard diagnostic tool
  • Supports latest version of browsers and multi-browsers

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